AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3 Cigar Review

As AVO celebrates his 90th birthday, one could make him the poster child about the good fortune for enjoying a fine cigar. Seeing AVO without a cigar is like not seeing a Kardashian taking a selfie. In fact, I will go as far to say the composer of Strangers in the Night is the poster child for the benefits of a good cigar. He is often relaxed, approachable and still hustling.

According to the AVO sell sheet, “A true embodiment of the jazz-loving musician and cigar impresario Avo Uvezian, the 90th Classic Covers invites aficionados around the world to celebrate 90 years with Avo.” which goes on to say, “The AVO 90th classic covers blend utilizes tobaccos with such age and rarity that a production of only 3,500 boxes could be achieved. This is a true collector’s item that will be talked about and celebrated for years to come.

Cigar Review: AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: O.K. Cigars
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano 2000
Binder: Mexican Negro San Andreas
Filler: San Vicente Mejorado Visus 14 (DR), San Vicente Mejorado Visus 2 (DR), Piloto Seco (DR), Hybrid Corojo/Olor Visus (DR) – Aged 10 years, Crillo Seco (DR) – Aged 11 years.
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 54
Vitola: Toro
Strength: Medium

The Look: The packaging, yes the packaging. This has to be one of the best original packaging idea, which means it’s just a matter of time until the copy cats get a hold of it. Packaged in a box that looks like a record player, once the cigars are removed it also serves as an ashtray. Limited to a production of 3,499 (well, 3,500 but I bought one) this was something I purchased before I even tried the cigar. As for the cigar that was blended by Eladio Diaz, Master Blender and Avo Uvezian… the walnut shade wrapper is flawlessly rolled. The dual band system stands out and pops off the cigar. The stick is firm, with no soft spots, a nice weight and well packed foot.

The Notes: Once I clip the cap of the AVO 90th the cold draw of the cigar serves up subtle licorice notes with earth, cedar and nuttiness. There is a part of the cigar that is very Davidoff-esque but enough going on that it stands on its own as well. The foot of the cigar serves has an aroma of cedar, earth and subtle spices >Once the cigar is lit there are notes of subtle citrus that grow as the cigar progresses. In addition, there are notes of earth, cedar, and a well-defined walnut like note. Through the nose there is a subtle note reminiscent of salted caramel that is also on the aroma of this medium bodied AVO.

Moving into the second third of the 90th, the notes of salted caramel move to the palate with continued nuts and earth. Through the nose the cigar has an abundance of wood and subtle spice that is also showcased on the aroma of the stick.

The last third sees continued notes of salted caramel, while the finish which has been moderate in length offers a little bit of sweetness mixed in with subtle earth. The retrohale sees the strongest amount of spice so far, but it also reintroduced the citrus like elements experienced earlier on in the cigar, bringing this one full circle.

The Burn: The slow burning AVO 90th Classic Covers Volume 3 lasted for over 2 hours with ample smoke production. The thin combustion line showcased the razor sharp burn with a light colored ash that was firm with no flake and held on for more than a third. The cigar lit with ease and remained so for the entire duration.

The Finish: 90 years is a milestone in many ways, especially in the cigar industry. Scoring a 90 puts you in the top echelon of cigars, and celebrating your 90th birthday puts you in a class not shared by many. How does one create a cigar that is worthy of such an achievement? Well while the answer isn’t simple, this cigar has conquered the feat at hand and is a testament to the legend. The special keep sake box makes this a party favor you don’t want to miss out on.

Score: 93
Price: $16.99 / $273.99

AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3

AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3

AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3 Foot

AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3 Foot

AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3 Burn

AVO 90th Classic Covers Vol. 3 Burn

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