Colibri Announces S-Cut Cigar Cutter

Everything you love about the V-Cut—in a “S”traight cut

New York City, July 9, 2015—Since its debut at the 2013 IPCPR show in Las Vegas, the innovative Colibri V-Cut has been a runaway success with cigar enthusiasts at every curve and corner of the globe. Loved for its long list of thougtfully considered styling and engineering details—such as its superior sheering ability that leaves a crisp and deep v-shaped wedge in the cigar’s cap allowing for a robust draw, the ergonomic shape that helps it feel like a mechanical extension of your hand, the smooth and effortless action of the blade that is stabilized by two vertical tracks and its elegant contemporary design—the V-Cut helped bring back into mainstream popularity the eponymous classic cigar preparation.

Next week at the 2015 IPCPR show in New Orleans, Colibri will celebrate the official launch of the S-Cut cigar cutter, which incorporates all the intelligent design details of the V-Cut and translates them into a straight cut in a natural evolution. The hour-glass figure of the S-Cut is quickly recognizable as the Colibri signature form factor, but the scalloped handles and inward curves serve also as subliminal cues that guide your fingers to the most ideal location for the most secure grip, with your thumb stationed on top of the moving blade to provide the most power behind the cut. The dual stainless steel blade assembly (an active blade on top and a static blade on bottom) ensures that the cigar is cut simultaneously on both sides, preventing the crushing experience of lower-performing single blade designs. The top blade is spring loaded and released with a downward pull of the trigger. The blade’s movement is guided in all three dimensions starting with a built-in track system keeps the blade to a precise vertical orientation and restricts side-to-side tilting. Then, Colibri added yet another innovative engineering detail—to prevent the dual blades from separating and creating a gap between themselves, which would allow the tobacco to be pinched and ripped instead of shorn, a ball bearing system was incorporated into the body utilizing low friction silicon bearings that cuddle the blades together with just the right amount of tension. The result might be the most perfect straight cut your cigar could know. The S-Cut will be available in 6 finishes, each in a black rubberized body with handles accented in either black, red, blue, brushed chrome, brushed gold or brushed rose.

In addition to the principal S-Cut as described, a special “ez-cut” version will also be introduced at IPCPR. So called for the ease of which a novice or veteran cigar smoker can cut just the right amount cap off the cigar, this version of S-Cut has a closed back body style which prevents the cigar from going completely through the aperture, and governs the trim size to a perfect 2.0 millimeters. This S-Cut will be uniquely distinguished in a rubberized black finish with brushed gunmetal handles.

All S-Cuts have a suggested retail of $39. S-Cut ships in the fall 2015.

Colibri S-Cut 1 Colibri S-Cut 3

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