California Bill To Raise Tobacco Age Lands On Governor’s Desk

44 days ago we reported that a series of measures were passed by the California senate. The delay to move the bills to the desk of the Governor came from the same legislative representatives that passed the measure because of a looming threat from an industry lobbyist to run a campaign that would attack unrelated initiative campaigns.

The measure to raise the tobacco purchase age to 21 and allow local counties to impose an additional tobacco tax on top of the state level is now a signature away from becoming law.

In addition to the taxes and smoking age other bills on the Governor’s desk are:

  • S.B.X25 — Would classify e-cigarettes and vaping devices as “tobacco products.”
  • S.B.X26 — Would extend the smoking ban to most businesses with more than five employees.
  • S.B.X28 — Would promote tobacco-free policies and education programs at schools.

Governor Jerry Brown now has 12 days to sign the bills into law or veto them.

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