Camacho Brotherhood Series Shellback Coming

The new Camacho Limited Edition 2015 which is part of the Camacho Brotherhood Series is set to hit the shelves of local tobacconists. Limited to 4,000 boxes and a total of 80 thousand cigars the new Shellback is described as,

Our Brotherhood Series crosses the line from bold to fearless. Initiating a rite of passage that begins at Lat. 0° Ecuador, ending deep in the heart of Nicaragua. Built with uniquely sweet and spicy tobacco wrapped in citrus notes and hints of pepper, Camacho Shellback is a cigar that stands up against all others. Proud to honor the ranks of other Shellbacks who’ve fought to protect our freedom and preserve the right to live without limits.

The cigar which will be available in one size; a 6 x 50 Toro will carry an MSRP of $12.00 per cigar. Each Shellback is wrapped with a Habano Ecuador wrapper over a binder from Nicaragua with filler from Esteli, Nicaragua. The result is a cigar that Camacho calls Medium-Full.

CAM_LE15_Shellback_BoxHero_WH CAM_LE15_Shellback_Cigar_WH


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