Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback Cigar Review

There is a saying that says, what’s old is new again and that is the case here. The Camacho Liberty 2005 blend makes its return in its original 11/18 Figurado format. Inspired by the original packaging, the Liberty 2005 Throwback cigars are showcased in 20 alternating red and white coffins patriotically covered with a stunning lid of a framed American flag. Due to the rarity of tobaccos needed to precisely match the original blend, only 30,000 cigars / 1,500 boxes were produced for the US market.

Today we offer our review, and answer the question is it the same cigar?

Cigar Review: Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback
Wrapper: Honduras Maduro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 48/54/48
Size: 11/18

The Look: The packaging might be inspired by the original release, but it is looks different enough that there is no confusing them. Other then the coffin’s being different, the box being different and the little touch that bothers me the most is the missing sticker that denoted the cigar number. For instance number 11,000 of 30,000. Inside the coffin the cigar is wrapped in tissue paper and features a large red, white, blue and silver bad. The 11/18 perfecto shaped vitola is well rolled and in the hand the cigar is fairly firm with no voids of tobacco.

The Notes: Once the cigar is clipped, it lacks the cedar sweetness the original carried and for this I blame the coffin that the cigars come in as they have a synthetic feel to it versus a cedar one. The cold draw has an abundance of cedar, with a subtle plum like note. The aroma off the foot matches the cold the draw of the cigar. Once the cigar is cut and toasted the first light offers up a touch of plum sweetness.

Moving into the first third of the Camacho Liberty Throwback, there are notes of coffee, leather and a subtle plum sweetness. It took a while for one to become dominant and around one inch in the leather notes were the focal point. Through the nose there is an abundance of black pepper with more leather notes that linger on the aroma.

The second third sees coffee become the focal point as as the leather component slides into the background. The cigar develops a toffee like finish while the retrohale is still offering and abundance of pepper and leather.

The last third sees the Camacho Liberty stay the course as the previous third with notes of leather, toffee and coffee. The retrohale remains with hints of pepper and leather and the cigar has a long finish.

The Finish: The one thing I remember about the original was the strong cedar notes and a hint of vanilla like sweetness. Neither exist on this cigar and for that I blame the coffins the cigars are packaged in. They have a synthetic feel to them, and as a result the cigar is not absorbing the cedar. There are two ways to look at this stick and depends if you want to look at it half empty or half full. If you smoke it with an open mind and you like a cigar with darker notes then this cigar is right up your alley as it was mine.

Score: 91
Price: $21.99 / $395.99



Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback

Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback

Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback Foot

Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback Foot

Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback Burn

Camacho Liberty Series 2005 Throwback Burn

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