Cambridge Goes Way Too Far

Cigar Authority on Soda

Say No to Government involvement in your life

Recently the Associated Press reported that:

The mayor of Cambridge has proposed limiting the size of soda and sugar-sweetened beverages sold in city restaurants, saying she was inspired by a similar measure in New York City.

Mayor Henrietta Davis on Monday asked the city’s health officials to research her proposal and make a recommendation on limiting beverage sizes. The city is adjacent to Boston and is home to Harvard and MIT.

Davis cited an increased risk of obesity and diabetes as reasoning behind the resolution.

“As much free will as you can have in a society is a good idea,’’ Davis said Tuesday. “… But with a public health issue, you look at those things that are dangerous for people, that need government regulation.’’

The government came for the “hippie’s” weed and we all thought its not my problem let the pot heads deal with it. Then they came after our cigars and again the thought was “I don’t smoke cigars so its not my problem”. Now they are coming after soda…Well not right after it. They are starting with the over sized servings and then they will work there way down to how many small ones and eventually the government will have their hands, fingers, and fat ugly faces involved in every part of our everyday lives.

10 years from now life will be lived one of 2 ways:

Every decision that we make will be monitored, managed, and shaped by our “Elected” officials. What color, what size, and which pill should be taken at what time and with what it should be consumed, will all be decided for us every day of our cookie cutter existence. The Government’s job is to handle infrastructure: Roads, Disasters, Public safety, Water Supply, Sewers, Electrical grids, telecommunications, and so forth. The very second that we let them taking one second away from their actual job and allow them to start looking for problems to fix, means that we are handing over our rights one by one.


We take a stand and keep the government out of our everything and live out our days as happy, rights having, functional members of society. Members who exercise he right to bare arms, drink sodas of any size, and yes smoke them if we have them…CIGARS!

Remember that our rights and privileges were recognized in our Constitutional Bill of Rights as a result of what was missing in England under a dictatorship. In only 200 years we grew into the most powerful country in the world because of those rights. With the power to choose we accept the power to fail as well as reap what we sow. As we hand our power of choice over to the government we can expect our society to decline on the whole.

Say NO to government involvement and say YES to your freedoms!

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