Did you hear about Major League Baseball star Alexei Ramirez and his cigar ritual? It seems to be big news for no apparent reason. Ramirez was seen smoking a cigar! That right…a cigar! They even have pictures of this “evil” act posted on Instagram.

Chewing tobacco has long been ingrained in the baseball culture but some are offended with the idea that Ramirez has a pre-game ritual of smoking a cigar.

Alexei is a 30 year old adult major league player for the Chicago White Sox, who was born in Pinar del Rio Cuba. Surrounded by cigars and tobacco he grew up and learned to love cigars. A was to relax him before a big game. Let me say that again…BEFORE the game. Where not talking about a player chewing and spitting tobacco during the game…no, that is part of baseball, we’re talking about an adult smoking a cigar BEFORE the game.

Remember Wade Boggs used to eat chicken before every game of his career? What about the Boston Red Sox, who in 2004 would “cowboy up” by taking shots of Jack Daniels during their historic and successful postseason run. But it’s a cigar that has many concerned that he quietly sits by himself and tries to relax in preparation for the game.

Enough already with beating up cigars and those who enjoy them. Leave us alone…we’re not bothering anybody, but you’re bothering us!

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