Cigar Review: Aganorsa Supreme Leaf Robusto (2022)

In early 2019 Aganorsa Leaf released an expression of the company’s signature flavor and aroma: Supreme Leaf.

Now, for the fifth release, the cigar is back in a Robusto format measuring 5 x 54. The limited production box pressed cigar features a Corojo 99 dominant blend using all Aganorsa Leaf tobaccos.

According to a press release, Supreme Leaf is a rich, dynamic Nicaraguan puro intended to excite the palate with a complex balance of mouthwatering sweetness and potent spice. In order to reflect Supreme Leaf’s intense taste, the blend is packaged in vibrant colors and the band emphatically highlights the Aganorsa Logo to ensure the presentation conveys the passion and enthusiasm that fueled the creation of this brand.

Cigar Review: Aganorsa Supreme Leaf
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ’99
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 54
Size: Robusto

The Look: When the Aganorsa Supreme Leaf was released, the colors of purple, orange and yellow were pretty much unseen in a cigar. Now these colors have become synonymous with Aganorsa Supreme Leaf.  The Supreme Leaf band looks like it had a subtle change this year as the gold foil in the tobacco aspect of the Aganorsa Leaf logo seems to pop more than previous years. In the hand the cigar looks small due to box pressed nature but it is hefty in weight for its size. It firm to the touch with no soft spots ad the foot of the cigar is closed which should allow for an extra kick of spice on the light.

The Notes: Despite the closed foot the cigar has a fluid cold draw which serves up notes of cayenne pepper and subtle cocoa sweetness. The aroma serves up similar notes as the cold draw though they are slightly muted in comparison. With a closed foot, I opt not to toast the cigar and light it while pulling through the cigar to taste the wrapper and as expected its loaded with white pepper and cayenne pepper.

As we smoke into the first third of the cigar the pepper begins to pull back as notes of mocha, pecans and cinnamon envelop the palate. The retrohale is smooth with he right amount of pepper that doesn’t singe the nostril allowing the nuttiness to linger. While the first third saw a bit of an uneven burn on the cigar I used for photography, it caught up on its own around the half way point.

The second third sees notes of cayenne pepper ramp up with continued cinnamon in the background. The nuttiness of the second third is relegated to the retrohale. Around the half way point of the cigar cinnamon becomes the dominant flavor profile with a subtle caramel sweetness and a touch of earthiness.

Moving on to the final third the Supreme Leaf continues to serve up notes of cayenne pepper with nuances of cinnamon, earth and pecans. The retrohale adds some sweetness to the mix and for the first time since the initial light an abundance of black pepper.

The Finish: Aganorsa Leaf has been around a while and back in the Casa Fernandez days they provided cigars to a well known up and coming cigar maker. The cigar maker was known for his cigars starting with a burst of spice at the light, and this cigar reminds me of those days. The 2022 Robusto version stands out for me and is the best Supreme Leaf to date. Spice, flavor, complexity and a great aroma takes me back to when I really got into cigars around the turn of the century. It’s definitely box worthy and I can only imagine what aging them might do to them, but if you’re like me and don’t have the patience to do that these are incredible right now.

Score: 94
Price: $11.69 / $103.99

Aganorsa Supreme Leaf

Aganorsa Supreme Leaf Foot

Aganorsa Supreme Leaf Foot

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