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On Super Bowl Weekend, The Cigar Authority named their cigar of the year and for us it was the Standard Issue from BG Meyer. Since that initial release there was the Slackers which we hope one day sees a regular release in other sizes and today’s cigar Gigantes.

According to Rob Weiss, the man behind BG Meyer Gigantes “The new BG Meyer Gigantes pays tribute to those towering spirits that have lead us to action by example. Titans of character. Fearless pioneers. Those legends that influence our lives. Inspire our own personal journey. They are giants that walk among us and we celebrate them. As we do you, those who dare to blaze a trail in creating a legend of their own.

Cigar: BG Meyer Gigantes
Size: 5 x 54 (Gigantes 54)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano (Aging Since 2007)
Binder: Brazil Mata Fina (Aged 6 years)
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua (Aged 6 Years)
Strength: Medium
Source: BG Meyer

The Look: The 6 x 54 Gigante looks and feels bigger in the hand then the ring gauge would dictate. This holds true for all the other sizes, as I assume the reduced length plays into it. Yes, I know the jokes are easy there, but lets remain focussed on the review at hand. The black on black with gold text bands are located in the traditional location and at the foot. The cigar has a heft weight, some tooth and no soft spots.

The Notes: The cigar which has a dark wrapper and even coloring serves up a gold draw of earth and grass with hints of barnyard that makes me wonder if there is some San Vincente tobacco present in the filler. There is also a touch of citrus that reveals itself after taking in the aroma of the foot where is this also a peanut like nose.

After toasting the foot there cigar doesn’t come off as strong as it looks with some subtle pepper through the nose with a hint of earth. As we smoke into the first third of the cigar the earthy notes is joined by a fruit like sweetness and a hint of mocha.

In the second third of the cigar there are notes that remind me of unleavened bread and a hearty dark wood with a continued fruit like sweetness on the finish. Through the nose there is some subtle pepper notes remained though they are significantly reduced. Around the mid way point the focal is that of earth and hearty wood.

In the last third of the BG Meyer Gigantes 54 the primary note is earth with a berry sweetness on the finish of the cigar. Some pepper remains on the rerohale but the cigar is also creamy and smooth right down to the last puff.

The Burn: The thin burn line of the cigar had some jaggedness to it at times but for the most part it was razor-sharp. The light color ash with some marble like darkness mixed in was extremely firm and held on for almost the first half of the cigar. The draw was iconic with just enough resistance making this cigar enjoyable and it remained lit from first light to last puff.

The Finish: I was a bit surprised that BG Meyer went darker instead of lighter for the next release but this cigar looks are deceiving. Medium in strength but Gigante in flavor this is a cigar that is a great follow-up to the Standard Issue. Since their arrival I find myself reaching for them more and more and this is a cigar that is worthy of humidor space.

Score: 92
Price: $11.19 / $197.99

BG Meyer Gigantes

BG Meyer Gigantes

BG Meyer Gigantes Foot

BG Meyer Gigantes Foot

BG Meyer Gigantes Burn

BG Meyer Gigantes Burn

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