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Tis the season of cold weather, at least here in the Northeast. A lot of us can’t smoke in the house, so our size preference changes and we smoke smaller cigars if we have to be outdoors, so it won’t be as long as a more traditional vital.

The BG Meyer Slackers which a follow-up to the Standard Issue fits that mold. Packaged in tins of 4, these cigars are developed by Henke Kelner at the Tabadom factory in the Dominican Republic which is also home to Davidoff.

Cigar: BG Meyer Slackers
Size: 4 x 48 (Short Churchill)
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild
Source: Mr. Jonathan

The Look: The BG Meyer Slackers features a blonde looking Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador that is virtually vein free and seamlessly rolled. The foot of the cigar is well packed and slightly spongy to the touch. The stick is firm to the touch with an above average weight for the size. The band is gold, white and blue which gives the cigar a nice look with a bright contrast.

The Notes: The foot of the Slackers is musky with some notes of barnyard which is to be expected being it comes from Henke Kelner. The cold draw of the cigar has some of those barnyard components but there is also a buttery taste reminiscent of toast that has had the butter melt into it.

Once the cigar is lit the butter note becomes the focal point with hints of toast. There is a slight earthy component as well on the finish that gives way to some hints of butterscotch as we approach the second third of this offering from BG Meyer.

In the second third the butterscotch note begins to become the dominant source of flavor with a rich buttery finish. As the transition into the final third happens some earthy notes are introduced again with notes of toast on the finish.

The last third of the BG Meyer Slackers has the aroma of toast, which shows up on the flavor profile as well. There is some nuttiness and a hint of sweetness over a canvas of earth on the short finish.

The Burn: The one thing that caught my eye was the ultra thin razor-sharp burn line which is a thing of beauty on the blonde looking Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. The ash held for half the cigar before falling off with a slight tap into the ashtray. The light color ash was firm with no flake. The draw, in a word, impeccable.

The Finish: BG Meyer hasn’t been around for a year yet, but their first two releases have been extremely enjoyable. As part of the Camacho family, BG Meyer features Rob Weiss as the face of the brand who is known for his work on Entourage. As far as the cigar, the BG Meyer Slackers is an incredibly rich smoke with a complex notes and despite being a mild cigar, it is chock full o’ flavor!

Score: 91
Price: $15.99 (Tin of 4 Cigars)

BG Meyer Slackers

BG Meyer Slackers

BG Meyer Slackers Foot

BG Meyer Slackers Foot

BG Meyer Slackers Burn

BG Meyer Slackers Burn

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