News | Nebraska Smoking Ban In Effect For Now

Everyone had their eyes on Nebraska when it was ruled that the exemption for cigar bars and lounges was ruled unconstitutional in the state of Nebraska. After challenging the state supreme court ruling, the end is now near at least for the time being.

On Friday the state mailed new replacement liquor licenses and once those licenses arrive to their intended locations, smoking will be outlawed in cigar bars and lounges. Many of the establishments have already removed their ashtrays in anticipation of the new licenses, but this end could be short-lived.

State Senator Tyson Larson of O’Neill plans to offer a new cigar bar proposal that will allow cigar smoking in specially licensed bars that he hopes will pass as it will not create any new exemptions to the state smoking ban.

There was no time frame given as to when the new proposal would be submitted or voted upon. In the meantime cigar bars will act as regular bars and hope that change is near.

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