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A few weeks ago the good folks at Black Label Trading Company reached out to me to send some cigars out for review, and I accepted. There was a buzz about this brand on Social Media and I was curious. When the packaged arrived I was a little surprised by the branding, as there were two labels; a black version and a white version. However, there were 6 different blends which were only told apart by the name of the cigar on a secondary band all using the same design and font. I smoked one and loved it, and smoked a second and was less than impressed. Only problem, which was which. If you have 6 blends, you should have 6 different brands.

According to the company their philosophy is, “Our philosophy is Less is More; Small is Big; Small is Elite; and finally, Fine Tobacco making is Fine Art. Much like when we experience fine art, the Black Label Experience involves slowing down, taking in, being in the moment and letting expectation be replaced by surprise, and ultimately, total satisfaction.”

Today’s review comes at the request of Frankie Anthony on Facebook.

Cigar: Black Label Trading Company Salvation
Size: 5 x 54
Wrapper: Ecuador Sun Grown
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium – Full
Source: Black Label Trading Company

The Look: The look of the Salvation shares the same appearance as four other blends. Black band, with pearl colored lattice-work and skulls that is very reminiscent of the music band Black Label Society. There is band with the word salvation in a medieval font that wraps around the cigar. Put these on the shelf with the other 4 blends and telling them apart is impossible unless you know the name. The cigar itself has a nice amount of oils and a few veins with a slightly off-center cap. There are no soft spots and the cigar has a pretty hefty weight to it.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Black Label Trading Company Salvation offers up notes that are reminiscent of the marshmallows fount in hot chocolate or Count Chocula cereal complete with a powder like chocolate note. The nose of the cigar serves up some chocolate as well.

The initial light of the the BLTC serves up some notes of caramel and chocolate, but there is also a flavor that reminds of me of charcoal in an old school barbecue. On the nose there is some spice that tingles the nostrils but it also offers up a graham note via the aroma.

In the second third of the cigar, the notes becomes darker with hints of leather and a heavy wood note such as oak. The spice through the nose was reduced considerably. As the second third begins to transition into the final third a slight cinnamon note appears.

The last third of the Salvation sees the spice kick it up a couple of notches through the nose. The cigar remains with notes of leather and some dark chocolate and cashews.

The Burn: The BLTC Salvation is cigar that has a nice burn line that is crisp and symmetrical with a thin carbon line. The light color ash held firm for the first half the cigar with no flake. For the first half of he cigar there draw was a little too tight before opening up around the midway point where it became acceptable.

The Finish: It kills me to light up these cigars searching for the one that I liked only to be disappointed by having the wrong blend. Perhaps that plays into the review here as the cigar was enjoyable just not as enjoyable as the one I am searching for. I really hope one day BLTC decides to change-up how they brand their product because it is confusing. The dark flavors put this cigar in the medium plus range and there was a nice change between the thirds, but it fell a little short for me.

Score: 88
Price: $9.00

Black Label Trading Company

Black Label Trading Company

Salvation Burn

Salvation Burn

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