Law | Portland, OR Bans Smoking In Parks & Golf Courses

On Wednesday, the Portland City Council voted 4-1 to ban smoking at parks and nature areas owned by the city. This also includes city owned golf courses. The measure passed by a vote of 4-1.

The golf courses effects by the measure include Heron Lakes ,Rose City, Eastmoreland and RedTail even though the latter is in the city of Beaverton. The ban for the golf course, parks, and nature areas goes into effect on July 1.

Those who break the rule with be subject to a misdemeanor violation and a citation. The courses stand to lose about $5,000 a year in cigar sales.

Portland becomes the first city in Oregon to ban tobacco at city-owned golf courses. However, tournaments will be able to apply for a special permit to allow tobacco use.

Portland is home to 610,000 residents over 145 square miles and was founded in 1845.

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