Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale

Cigar Review: Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale – Psychoanalysis

The Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale is a cigar that exquisitely combines the rarest of tobaccos, with a blend featuring Pelo De Oro, one of the world’s scarcest cigar tobaccos. It’s a representation of Master Blender Eladio Diaz’s personal taste, falling within the sweet spot between medium and full-bodied. The blend consists of a Dominican Grown Negro San Andres wrapper, Sumatra binder, and a medley of fillers from the Dominican Republic, including Pelo de Oro, Corojo, Havana ’92, and Barrel Aged Piloto Cubano.

In terms of appearance, the Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale stands out with a captivating dark brown hue that exudes a rustic charm. The cigar is well constructed, showcasing a veiny and toothy wrapper.

Upon igniting this intriguing cigar, the first third delivers a interesting variety of flavors. The hickory notes set a smoky tone, interwoven with the enticing essence of marble rye bread. The earthy undertones provide a robust foundation, while hints of nutmeg and coffee add a layer of complexity. A delightful surprise emerges as toasted marshmallow and vanilla contribute a sweet and velvety dimension to the experience.

Transitioning into the second third, the cigar takes an unexpected yet delightful turn. Herbal tea notes and a subtle hint of lavender introduce a refreshing and aromatic twist. The earthiness continues to anchor the flavor profile, while a growing black pepper spiciness adds an element of excitement to the blend.

As the Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale reaches its finale, the strength of the cigar gradually intensifies. The black pepper notes become more pronounced, providing a bold and zesty climax. The toasted rye bread returns from the first third, replacing the herbal notes from the second third. The presence of leather adds a satisfying depth to the conclusion.

The Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale offers a truly great smoking experience, marked by its unique and evolving flavor transitions. From the dramatic shift between the first and final thirds to the captivating woody, earthy, and spicy transitions, this cigar leaves a lasting impact. While the burn line may not be flawless, the overall experience is certainly worth revisiting.

The STARS rate the Freud AlterEgo Lonsdale with a commendable score of 89.93 out of 100. Its intricate flavor profile and evolving character make it a standout choice for any cigar enthusiast.

With a strength score of 5.4 out of 10, this cigar falls on the milder side of the spectrum, ensuring its accessibility to a broad range of aficionados.

Freud AlterEgoThis blind cigar review (Cigar #3-C) was scored by a distinguished panel of cigar enthusiasts, including: Mike Cokeley, Nick – Cigar Pulpit, LKOUTS, Justin Fultz, Jim DeLuca, Scooter, AustinDan & The Fah King

Price: $25.19 per single , $224.99 per box of 10

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