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Having been all over the world, I have been in some cigar shops that have been a down right disaster that in all honesty should be condemned. Then there are shops that are Diamond Crown Lounges, which are a step above. These shops exude class and comfort with a staff that is most knowledgeable. 2 Guys Smoke Shop in New Hampshire is one of these lounges and today’s smoke is an exclusive to shops that are branded as Diamond Crown Lounges.

Julius Caeser is (J.C.) in the J.C. Newman Cigar Company , the pioneer and founder of the J.C. Newman Cigar Company. Born in 1875 in a small Hungarian village, J.C. and his family sailed across the Atlantic in 1888 in search of the American Dream. To celebrate J.C.s 135th birthday they created a third Diamond Crown that honors J.C., whose likeness appears on the cigar label. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser cigars are meticulously rolled in small batches at the Arturo Fuente Factory in the Dominican Republic. Especially flavorful Ecuadorian Havana-seed wrappers combine with a smooth, robust blend of fine Central American tobaccos are carefully aged.

Cigar: Julius Caeser 1895 Perfecto Special Reserve
Size: 5 x 52 (Perfecto)
Wrapper: Ecuador Havana
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

The Look: The Julius Caeser 1895 Perfecto Special Reserve features a dark looking Ecuador Havana wrapper with a nice amount of oils. The thin perfecto has a classy look to it that is rolled to perfection. There are no soft spots, and an average weight to the stick which features a band that has the bust of the founder of JC Newman.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Julius Caesar 1895 Perfecto has a sweetness to it that borders on butterscotch, and while the foot of the stick is too small to get an aroma from, the wrapper has a slight cedar and nut. As we light the cigar the nut becomes the first note we experience with some coffee that follows.

The first third of the cigar the nut remains as the notes of a bold coffee slowly creep behind chasing down the original taste and eventually surpassing it before we transition to the next segment.

As we enter the second third of the cigar, coffee is the dominant note as some orange citrus like flavors begin to make an appearance. At times they take over but the coffee always returns to the forefront and is the primary taste.

The last third, some of the butterscotch notes experienced on the cold draw make a cameo, but the core of the cigar is true to the original notes of coffee and nuts with just a hint of cedar to close out the stick.

The Burn: When a perfecto comes to such a small tip I always worry about draw issues until the cigar opens up, and while the draw wasn’t as loose as some might want, it definitely wasn’t tight. The ash of the cigar held a little beyond half way, and was light in color with a little flake especially in the first inch. The burn line was crisp and the carbon line small.

The Finish: Exclusive cigars are something I have always chased down, and living in New England has me giddy all over again to be a cigar smoker. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Miami but the cigar diversity that exists in this region has always appealed to me. Anyway, what I am trying to get at is the next time you are in a Diamond Crown Lounge such as Two Guys Smoke Shop, try this cigar because it is a cigar that is worthy of being exclusive. And if you can’t get to one, you can always click the price below and other a few singles.

Score: 91
Prince: $11.39

Julias Caeser

Julias Caeser

Julias Caeser

Julias Caeser

Julias Caeser

Julias Caeser

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