Kristoff Guardrail

Cigar Review: Kristoff Guardrail Robusto – Resilience in Smoke

The Kristoff Guardrail, a testament to resilience and second chances, emerges from a gripping narrative that ties the cigar industry with the indomitable spirit of its creator, Glen Case. A motorcycle enthusiast, Glen’s near-death encounter with a guardrail in Oklahoma became the catalyst for this unique medium-bodied cigar, symbolizing his gratitude for a second shot at life.

With a rugged feel and rustic allure, the Kristoff Guardrail boasts a dark brown Brazilian wrapper, tightly capped with a pigtail, and a closed foot, presenting a visually intriguing package. Its surface showcases an oily sheen.

Upon ignition, the initial draw reveals a blend of pepper and salt, neither overpowering but distinctly present. The journey unfolds with notes of leather, almonds, a chocolate mousse, and the subtle taste of tea biscuit, accompanied by a faint hint of citrus.

As the Kristoff Guardrail progresses into its second act, the leather undertones persist, now joined by the comforting warmth of coffee. A pretzel flavor introduces a saltier component that complements the emerging raisin sweetness. The pepper remains, but gracefully retreats to a supportive role, allowing a slight mineral undertone to surface. The retrohale experience is remarkably smooth for such a dark wrapped cigar.

The climax brings a welcomed increase in strength, leading to a spicier finish. A buttered popcorn flavor intensifies the salt component, blending seamlessly with the persistent leather and pepper notes. A surprising graham cracker presence emerges, contributing to a finale reminiscent of the first third but with a slightly more robust profile.

The Kristoff Guardrail delivers a beefy flavor punch akin to a backyard BBQ, maintaining a consistent and satisfying flavor profile from start to finish. Despite its darker wrapper, the cigar surprises with a remarkably smooth character. Drawing well with solid construction, this tribute cigar captivates with its narrative and captivates with its flavor journey.

The Kristoff Guardrail not only delivers the balanced flavor profile Kristoff fans can expect but also as a poignant reminder of the resilience encapsulated in the very essence of life.

Overall Score: 90.42 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 5.57 out of 10

Kristoff Guardrail

This blind cigar review (Cigar #3-C) was scored by a distinguished panel of cigar enthusiasts, including: Mike Cokeley, Nick – Cigar Pulpit, LKOUTS, Justin Fultz, Jim DeLuca, Ray Forslund, AustinDan & Munch

Price: $9.69 per single, $170.99 per box of 20


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