Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Solis

I rarely do formal cigar reviews for The Cigar Authority, I have people for that (Hi Barry), but coming back from the PCA Cigar Trade Show 12 days ago with Covid and smoking no cigars in a week, I found my palate ultra-sensitive. I hear that some people lose their sense of taste and smell as a symptom from the Covid virus, but I think the opposite happened to me, so why waste it. I thought I’d do a cigar review on a cigar I got from the trade show that I haven’t smoked before nor have I seen any review on it at all, so here goes.

Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Solis
Size: 6.5” x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Dominican
Price: $12.20

My understanding is that this is the official first cigar blended for commercial production by Litto Gomez Jr., son of Litto Gomez who blends most all cigars at LFD since he created the brand La Flor Dominicana with his wife Inez in 1994. Litto’s big brother Tony blended one of my favorite LFD cigars of all time called La Nox, translating to “the night moon” and here is his little brother Litto Jr. (now 22 years old) creating something in contrast with La Nox called Solis, translating to “the sun of the day”. To me, it sounds like these cigars are different as day and night but let me be the judge of that.

I like the colors on the band with the matte and gloss finish, and how well they look on the caramel-colored wrapper. It looks milder than your traditional LFD, but I have been fooled by appearance before with LFD, and this time I am ready for anything.

Aroma: Barnyard

Cold Draw: Honey Graham Cracker topped with Cinnamon

After a week resting my palate, I cannot believe how much I am enjoying cigars. I tried to think back on the last time I took a week or longer from smoking any cigars and I cannot recall that much time. Remember, I was coming off a cigar trade show where I feel I must currently hold the record for the most cigars consumed each and every day, and as much as I had a lot of cigars to get to when I returned home, the virus and my doctor urged me to take it slow and I did, I stopped for a while. Today, it seems the flavors are brighter than in the past, but again, I have never tried this cigar before so it’s uncertain, maybe it has bright flavors, because that is what I am getting right from the start.

The red and green on the band have a look of the flavor of holiday spices on a Christmas cookie. Cinnamon, ginger and maybe even a little touch of peppermint or anise, which is exactly what I am getting early on with the LFD Solis, but before long, this cigar starts to ramp up which should be no surprise as it is an LFD after all.

A bit of leather begins with hints of maple sweetness as the strength of LFD Solis intensifies. As I get into the 2nd third, the cigar flavors begin to take a 180 degree turn, this seems to not even be the same cigar as it started. Dark flavors come to play including the leather noted along with earth, and mushroom. By the way, the burn is perfect, the cigar is preforming like a well-aged cigar, although I know the brand has not been released yet, this sample would make me think otherwise.

Final third:  What a ride, as I continue my journey around the sun, I have again found different notes and changes on the LFD Solis which make it very interesting and more complex than I had anticipated.  Cashew nuts, and ever so slight hickory round out the final third.  The construction of the cigar is solid, the mostly white ash held strong, and the cigar never needed a touch up or relight.    

The Conclusion:  We have another winner here!  Lots of changes in this cigar, its actually like smoking 3 different cigars and they are all very good, and all different from other LFD cigars.  Is it LaNox part II? No, not at all.  Although I am a fan of both, they are different, and it would be hard to choose between the two, much like a father choosing between his two sons.  For a first-time blending effort, there is no doubt Litto Jr. is a natural and has a wonderful time ahead of him, and we cigar smokers have a lot to look forward to also.  

Score:  92 (Buy them if and when you can.)

La Flor Dominicana Solis

La Flor Dominicana Solis Burn

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