Cigar Review: Meerapfel Meir Churchill – Exceptional Taste

The Meerapfel Meir Churchill is a cigar that carries a rich history, harkening back to the legacy of Meir Meerapfel II, who established the Meerapfel cigar factory in 1876 in the quaint village of Untergrombach, Germany. This cigar, presented in 25-count wooden chests, offers a limited annual production of only 613 boxes per size, adding to its allure. While the blend’s details are shrouded in secrecy, it is rumored that the wrapper is a meticulously aged Cameroon leaf from the family’s vaults—a testament to the Meerapfel family’s contributions to the world of tobacco.

The Meerapfel Meir Churchill stands as a testament to solid construction. Its impeccable craftsmanship showcases invisible seams and a slight reddish hue that hints at the aged Cameroon wrapper within. The cigar is beautifully oily, boasting a smooth texture, adorned with subtle toothiness.

Upon lighting, the Meerapfel Meir Churchill introduces a harmonious symphony of flavors. The initial draw reveals leather and a touch of white pepper, evolving into a combination of milk chocolate, toasted walnuts, oak, and hints of toasted marshmallow. Coffee notes run alongside nuances of graham crackers and Nutella, creating a complex and indulgent flavor.

As the journey continues into the second third, the Meerapfel Meir Churchill offers a shift in flavor profile. Cedar takes center stage, accompanied by robust espresso and earthy undertones. A subtle sweetness emerges, reminiscent of rye bread, while toasted walnuts and oak persist. The retrohale adds a pleasant kick of ginger, complementing the evolving notes of coffee, cinnamon, and a faint fruitiness akin to raisins and chocolate.

In the final third, the Meerapfel Meir Churchill doesn’t waver in delivering an engaging experience. Pepper and cedar become more pronounced, accompanied by a subtle hint of coconut. Toasted almond and oak continue to shine, while the coffee notes deepen into a dark roast. Dry peanuts add a satisfying flavor to the overall profile.

The Meerapfel Meir Churchill 7” x 47 garnered an excellent overall score of 90 out of 100. With a strength rating of 4.57 out of 10, the Meerapfel Meir Churchill offers a medium strength level, making it accessible to a wide range of cigar enthusiasts. 

The Meerapfel Meir Churchill earns high marks across the board. It provides a very good and relaxing smoke, characterized by solid white ash and a consistently excellent burn. From the first draw to the last, the draw remains impeccable, leaving you eager to savor every moment. Its excellent construction ensures a memorable experience that will have you burning your fingers in anticipation of more.

Strength Score: 4.57 out of 10

Final Score: 90 out of 100

This blind cigar review (Cigar #2-B) was scored by a distinguished panel of cigar enthusiasts, including The Far King, Daniel, Reverend Eldon, Chief16, Nicholas Garlock, Ruby Cannoli, Jeff Endrizzi, Jeffery Knipe, and Bill Forlano.

Price: $50.99 per single, $1143.99 per box

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