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Originally blended 2014 and released as a Townhouse Exclusive available only at Nat Sherman, the Panamericana is getting released to members of the TAA next week at their annual convention. At the time of its release Michael Herklots of Nat Sherman wrote “This new expression of Nat Sherman is sensationally complex in flavor, achieving great balance by tempering the Costa Rican tobacco’s unique attributes with three different Nicaraguan tobaccos. We’ve been tweaking this blend for two years, and the final product was well worth the time and effort.”

Made in Nicaragua by Nestor Placencia the cigar is available in 4 sizes, none of which are bigger than a 50 ring gauge.

Cigar: Nat Sherman Panamericana
Size: Cervantes (6 x 43)
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Strength: Medium-Full
Source: Nat Sherman

The Look: At first glance I didn’t care for the band with its colors of lime green, brown, red and gold. But the color definitively represent the styling of Michael Herklots. As I looked at the band I was impressed with the foil and texture and decidedly liked it, but you can’t smoke the band. As for the cigar itself the wrapper has a cocoa like color with some brindle and a fair amount of oils. The roll is slightly porous and there are a few significant veins.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Nat Sherman Panamericana is sweet with hints of maple and marzipan, while the nose of the foot serves up a similar sweetness with the addition of some spices. Once the cigar is lit there is an awesome black cherry aroma coming from the tobacco.

As we smoke into the first third of the cigar there is cherry like notes at the start which compliment the aroma, as we progress further into the stick the cigar has a sweetness reminiscent to sugar and the defined cherry notes disappear. As the first third comes to a close there are notes of coffee developing.

The second third sees the sweetness, which is reminiscent of a baccarat sugar tip. Mind you the cigar isn’t sweet tipped, infused or flavored in any way shape or form but there is a definitive sweetness. The coffee becomes more dominant around the half way point and there is a slightly floral note develops and quickly fades away.

As we enter the final third of the cigar there is some pepper through the nose which has been lingering since the initial light. The notes of coffee remain and a dark hearty wood with a slightly wheat finish.

The Burn: The Nat Sherman Panamericana has a fluid draw with a crisp burn line and an a dark albeit weak ash. The cigar needed to be relit once around the 3/4 mark.

The Finish: As a person that hasn’t been the biggest fan of Plasencia rolled cigars, the first third of the cigar really caught me off guard with a great aroma and flavor profile. Sadly around the second half of the smoke I became bored with the smoke as I usually do with stuff produced at this factory.

Score: 90
Price: $9.25

Nat Sherman Panamerican

Nat Sherman Panamerican

Nat Sherman Panamerican Foot

Nat Sherman Panamerican Foot

Nat Sherman Panamerican Burn

Nat Sherman Panamerican Burn


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