Red Anchor Gunner

Cigar Review: Red Anchor Gunner – Making Waves of Flavor

Red Anchor, a historic cigar brand with roots dating back to 1772, celebrated its monumental 250th Anniversary in 2022. United Cigars in collaboration with the renowned Kelner Family, the Red Anchor was reintroduced to the market. The Kelner family, with a rich heritage in Dominican cigar making and ties to Holland, the birthplace of Red Anchor, played a pivotal role in crafting this exceptional cigar. The initial release, limited to just 250 boxes of the Admiral in 2022, was followed by the introduction of the Gunner in 2023.

The Red Anchor Gunner is a medium-bodied cigar featuring an Ecuador Habano wrapper, a Dominican Monte Plata binder, and a filler blend of San Vicente, Habano ’92, and Pennsylvania Broadleaf tobaccos.

The Gunner boasts an enticing milk chocolate-colored wrapper, exhibiting a veiny texture. The cigar is well-packed, though some STARS noted minor imperfections in the fill.

Upon ignition, the Gunner opens with a barrage of flavors. Leather and earth notes lay the foundation, accompanied by a white pepper spice. The palate is further enriched with nuances of toasted marshmallow, cedar wood, and hints of sage and spice. Retrohaling reveals a delightful blend of juniper with light floral and nutty undertones.

As the journey progresses into the second third, the earthy character persists, complemented by the continuation of graham cracker and s’mores marshmallow flavors. Nutty tones, reminiscent of walnuts, take center stage, and the white pepper spice intensifies. A subtle barnyard and hay essence, characteristic of the Kelner family’s blending style, adds depth.

In the concluding segment, the white pepper maintains its presence, gradually amplifying in strength. The introduction of hot chocolate and espresso notes provides a delightful contrast. The nuttiness persists, and a creamy vanilla finish elegantly wraps up the experience.

The Red Anchor Gunner is impeccably crafted, exhibiting a solid burn with no need for touch-ups. Despite a few reports of minor fill imperfections, the overall construction is praiseworthy.

The Red Anchor Gunner delivers a well-rounded and flavorful smoking experience. The cigar transitions smoothly through its thirds, showcasing a classic profile with a nuanced evolution of flavors. Its slow burn, even for a smaller ring gauge, contributes to a leisurely and enjoyable smoke. A quintessential embodiment of what a classic cigar should be in terms of flavor and construction.

The Red Anchor Gunner earns a score of 90.80 from the STARS, reflecting its well-rounded profile and consistent performance throughout the smoking experience. With a strength score of 4.16, the Gunner establishes itself as a medium-bodied cigar that crescendos gracefully, culminating in a satisfying and robust finale.

Overall Score: 90.80 out of 100

Strength Score: 4.16 out of 10

Red Anchor GunnerThis blind review (Cigar #4-D) was conducted by the Cigar Review Team comprising Sam Frishman , Tyler Ceola, George Hillman, James Elliott, Rick Galletta, Mike DiPeppino, Mike Mellon, and Hudson.

Price: $20.00 per single, $424.99 per box of 25

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