Cigar Review: Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters – Frank

The Tatuaje Monster series has long been one of the most sought after limited releases in the Cigar Industry. The dress boxes in the shape of coffins limited to 666 each year to a group of “un”lucky retailers sell out within minutes. In has spawned a a culture never seen before in the history of cigars and it all the brainchild of Pete Johnson, brand owner of Tatuage

The Pudgy Monsters is a smaller version of the past series and it includes Chucky & Bride of Chucky. We decided to split a box here at the Cigar Authority and the one thing I wanted to know was how these compare to the original release. Of all the cigars released, The Frank was and continues to be my favorite with its chocolate notes that rivaled anything I got on Halloween when it was originally released in 2008.

Cigar: Tatuaje Pudgy Monster Frank
Size:  5  5/8 x 49
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Distributed By: Havana Cellars

The Look: As far as my memory is concerned this looks like a smaller version of the original release. A Mini-Me so to speak with its gritty looking Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and green/back band. The cigar is box pressed and while it feels smooth under the fingers there is some tooth present to the naked eye. In the hand the cigar has a nice weight to it for the size and is very firm to the touch. The cap is exquisitely applied and the smoke is a fantastic looking specimen.

The Smoke: The cold draw takes me back to 2008 with a taste oh so similar to NECCO Wafers. There is a chalky like peppermint quality to it over a canvas of earth and foot that has some spice and cocoa mixed together making me wonder while no one ever made chocolate covered red hots.

Once the cigar is lit there is more spice then I remember than on the original smoke especially through the nose. However, smoking since 1996, I don’t think I really learned to retrohale until 2009 when I went on a trip to La Aurora and met Jose Blanco for the first time.

As we enter the first third of the cigar I am definitely toward a trip down memory lane as the candy like notes of the cigar come back into play. There is a nice dark chocolate that forms with touches of almond extract that has me salivating and wish I still had some more of the originals left, although I am glad to have the box of Pudgy Monsters.

As we enter the second third of the cigar the dark chocolate notes begin to become more of a rich cocoa and the almond notes become even more defined before fading away before the half way point. and the cocoa slides back into a note of dark chocolate with a touch of that NECCO chalkiness.

The final third of the cigar really focuses on that NECCO Wafter taste of minty goodness some continued spice through the nose and a slight leather on the short finish making this a totally enjoyable smoke.

The Burn: The Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Frank had a razor-sharp burn line and while it might have burned a but uneven at times it always self corrected. The draw was flawless and was a perfect example of a well executed box-press cigar. The ash was white and smooth without any flake. It held on well even when it slipped into the ash tray in the first third.

Conclusion: The Frank version of the Tatuaje Pudgy Monster reminds me a lot of the original thought I am not sure if it is the same. I know how I smoke has changed over the years. I retrohale now, and my desire for stronger cigars is more so then it was in 2008. With that set this is close enough to the original for it to pass off as a duplicate or replica. If it was a work of art I believe only an expert would know the difference than the size.

Price: $94.99 (Box of 10)
Score: 91

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: The Frank

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: The Frank

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: The Frank

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: The Frank

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: The Frank

Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: The Frank

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