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Cigar Review: West Tampa Red Toro – Balancing Flavor

West Tampa Red Toro is a delightful addition to the West Tampa line-up, boasting a bold and flavorful experience crafted by brand owner Rick Rodriguez. Unlike many cigar blends created solely for the enjoyment of fans, Rodriguez decided to take the reins and craft a cigar that truly reflects his personal taste. The result is a full-bodied cigar that retains the signature West Tampa flavor.

The West Tampa Red Toro boasts a rich, dark chocolate hue. Its oily and toothy wrapper is a testament to the quality of craftsmanship. Free from any blemishes, the cigar’s nearly invisible seams only add to its allure.

Upon lighting, the West Tampa Red Toro explodes with flavor. The initial draw reveals a delightful blend of espresso and dark coffee, which provides a robust foundation for the tasting experience. Wood notes, like aged oak, join the ensemble, adding depth to the profile. There’s an interplay of chocolate and pepper that stands out on the palate. Intriguingly, there’s a tang reminiscent of mustard, adding a unique and unexpected twist to the flavor profile.

As the journey continues into the second third, the flavors smooth out, revealing a more intricate complexity. The coffee and pepper notes persist, now accompanied by the subtle but distinct presence of leather. A hint of bourbon emerges, providing a touch of warmth to the blend. Chocolate-covered almonds make a delightful appearance, introducing a sweet, nutty contrast to the rich, earthy tones. The initial tang is replaced by a delightful combination of graham cracker, marshmallow, and vanilla notes.

In the final third, the West Tampa Red Toro mellows. The intensity of pepper subsides, allowing the coffee, leather, and wood notes to linger gracefully. The sweetness of vanilla and graham cracker takes center stage, conjuring the image of a s’more, with a subtle hint of salt and dark berries for an exquisite finish. This last act of the cigar adds a layer of depth to the overall flavor profile, leaving a memorable impression.

The West Tampa Red Toro is a well-constructed cigar. It manages to strike a balance between a smooth taste and ample body, resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable but intriguing smoking experience. The flavor keeps you on your toes, with each third revealing new surprises. Despite its robust appearance, the cigar exhibits a gentle touch, much like a prizefighter who knows when to finesse and when to deliver a knockout punch. It’s a testament to brand owner Rick Rodriguez, who created a blend that reflects his personal taste while still catering to his fans’ preferences.

With an impressive score of 90.13 out of 100, the West Tampa Red Toro is a testament to the importance of balancing flavor while blending cigars. Its combination of bold flavors and smooth delivery makes it a must-try for enthusiasts looking for a cigar with a dynamic and engaging personality.

At 5.38 out of 10, the West Tampa Red Toro falls in the middle of the strength spectrum, making it accessible to a wide range of cigar aficionados.

Overall Score: 90.13 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 5.38 out of 10

West Tampa RedThis blind cigar review (Cigar #4-B) was scored by a panel of cigar enthusiasts, including: Sean O, Reverend Eldon, Jeffery Knipe, Bill Forlano, Jeff Endrizzi, Daniel, Nicholas Garlock, Ruby Cannoli, and Chief16.

Price: $10.19 per single, $179.99 per box of 20


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