Davidoff Royal Robusto Cigar Review

Originally available in 50 count boxes, the Davidoff Royal Robusto this week was released in 10 count boxes; just in time for the holidays. The Davidoff’s Royal Robusto Gifting Edition is expertly and meticulously crafted for life’s festive occasions.

The Royal Robusto features handpicked tobaccos from the Davidoff master blender and is aged for a minimum of 10 years in small quantities and according to the Davidoff website, “Five rare, aged Ligero tobaccos blend to create Royal’s perfume, an opening of cedar notes before spices and wood flavors lead to leather and floral perfumes in a Robusto format.

Cigar Review: Davidoff Royal Series
Size: 5 x 55 (Royal Robusto)
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Piloto Ligero (10 years), San Vicente Ligero (11 years), Piloto Seco (10 years), Hybrid Olor/Piloto Ligero (11 years) and San Vicente Ligero (15 years)
Strength: Medium

The Look: The first thing to catch my eye is the gold on the Davidoff band, which appears to pop more than a typical Davidoff white label band,  especially under the light. There is also a secondary band which denotes Royal Robusto. As for the cigar itself , the tan color Habano wrapper from Ecuador is meticulously rolled with only a few minimal veins and a fair amount of oils. The stick is firm to the touch with no soft spots.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Royal Robusto serves up the quintessential Davidoff notes of barn yard (earth, hay, grass) and a touch of butterscotch with a wisp of cedar. The aroma from the foot has more of a butterscotch like presence and a faint cedar.

Once lit there is some subtle butterscotch notes in the background but they are far from the focal point and serve more as an afterthought At about the half-inch mark the primary note is vegetal and is easily defined as mushrooms which I personally find rather enjoyable. Moving through the first third some cinnamon is detected along with some cedar on the aroma of the cigar.

In the second third of the Royal Robusto, the cinnamon notes move front and center with some nuttiness and a fading vegetal note. By the time we hit the half way point a strong cedar note joins the mix, with some floral elements though the nose although the aroma remains woody.

The last third the cigar develops a creaminess that is especially noticeable on the finish. The cigar is rounded out with elements of leather, earth, cinnamon and a slight floral note. The cigar is smooth with a relatively short finish with excellent balance and complexity.

The Burn: While you many not be able to tell by the picture below, the Royal Robusto has a perfect combustion line that and was thin and even. The ash was solid and firm holding on with ease for each third before I opted to roll the ash off of the cigar. The draw offered the right amount of resistance and remained lit from start to finish.

The Finish: Going into the cigar I was worried that it would not live up to the price tag, but half way through this was no longer the case. While many of us will never get the chance to live the life of royalty, this robusto from Davidoff gives us the royal treatment. Smooth and complex the Davidoff Royal Robusto made me feel like a king even though the price tag left me feeling like a pauper.

Score: 92
Price: $35.40 / $336.99 @ Two Guys Smoke Shop

Davidoff Royal Robusto

Davidoff Royal Robusto

Davidoff Royal Robusto Foot

Davidoff Royal Robusto Foot

Davidoff Royal Robusto Burn

Davidoff Royal Robusto Burn

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