Davidoff Signature 2000 “702 Series” – Prerelease Cigar Review

Back in 2009, Davidoff released a limited batch of cigars known as the “Davidoff Selección 702” that many considered the company’s best blend to date. It was unique because Davidoff used an exclusive wrapper from Ecuador that was a hybrid of three different seeds and used 80% Dominican ligero filler tobaccos for strength and taste. A combination that Master Blender Henke Keller worked extensively on.

Since then, you’d be lucky to get your hands on some unless you knew the right places to look or people to ask. And now, eight years later, the 702 is coming back in a big way. And in 7 different sizes.

Packaging & Design

Although these cigars are yet to be released, there will be seven total sizes of the Davidoff 702 available. All will be packaged in either 10, 20, or 25 count cabinet style boxes, similar to their Classic Series style offerings. There will also be a 5 pack option for the Signature 2000 and a 4 pack option for the Special R vitolas as well.

As for the bands, first is the standard Davidoff white label that the brand is famous for. The second is a smaller rectangular band that denotes the size designation of the cigar printed in white lettering over a gold background. Under that is a reverse color scheme, with “702 Series” printed in gold over a white background.

First Impressions

Looking at the Davidoff Signature 2000 Series 702, the color of the wrapper is a gorgeous hue of red and brown which has a matte finish to it. Veins and seams are hardly visible, making for a beautiful presentation of this exclusive Ecuadorian wrapper leaf.

Construction is top notch as usual with no soft spots or flaws in the filler. The foot is evenly packed and the caps are laid on nicely to give it a great finished look. After cutting with this table cutter, notes on the prelight draw include cocoa and sweet espresso.

The Smoke

I can already tell I’m in for a ride with this little guy. After lighting up with a Vertigo Cyclone torch, initial tasting notes of earth and pepper mingle with rich aged tobacco and dried raisins. The finish lasts well into the next draw and coats the palate evenly. Every taste bud is getting to experience the smoke.

Moving into the second third and the power begins to increase noticeably. Going from a mild/medium to a solid medium plus, the profile changes even more. Flavors reminiscent of rose and dates linger in the background as a big nuance of cream and coffee beans take hold. Construction at this point is flawless requiring zero attention.

The final third offers a beautiful crescendo of nutty aromas and taste. Notes of roasted almonds and rich toffee crossed with a smooth rosado-like sweetness from this exclusive Ecuadorian wrapper completely envelop the palate. I couldn’t be more pleased with this impressive blend.

Final Thoughts

I’m glad these are making a comeback, as the original release of the 702 was something I truly miss. This is a great re-representation of what many considered to be Davidoff’s best, and I’m excited to try the other sizes that will be available. There aren’t many cigars out there that put me in a state of total relaxation, but this one did it.

Although the 702 isn’t available just yet, you can always find the original Classic 2000 right here.

Be sure to check back on this review, as a link to purchase them will be posted right here.

Rating: 95
Price: $15.80


Davidoff Signature 2000 “702 Series”

Davidoff Signature 2000 “702 Series” Burn

Davidoff Signature 2000 “702 Series” Finish


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