Diamond Crown Maximus Robusto Toro No. 4 – Cigar Review

Diamond Crown is a line of cigars that is part of the wold famous J.C. Newman family of brands. The Diamond Crown Maximus, the cigar I’ll be smoking today, made its debut back in 2003, making it the second offering under the Diamond Crown name. Utilizing a darker wrapper and an interesting filler blend to complement it, the Maximus is something I was in the mood for.

What am I smoking?

Cigar Review: Diamond Crown Maximus Toro No. 4
Wrapper: El Bajo Ecuadorian Ligero Oscuro Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 50
Power: 7 / 10

Packaging & Design

The boxes and bands these cigars come showcased in are beautiful, both having an intricate design. The box is made of a dark and glossy wood, giving it a nice contrast to the busy design of the label on top. On the interior of the box is navy blue velvet with the name of the size in gold lettering. The bands are ridiculously detailed, so I’ll let you see that for yourself in the photos below.

First Impressions

The Diamond Crown Maximus is a great looking smoke. It has a dark and toothy wrapper with a slight oil sheen. It is very evenly packed, showing no signs of soft spots, and it has a slight give when squeezed. Aromas from the foot include dry cocoa powder, ground coffee and hay. One I cut the cigar, flavors of nuts and leather became apparent.

The Smoke

Right away, I can tell this Diamond Crown Maximus is going to be a flavor bomb. The flavor immediately picks up and offers up a complex and interesting smoke. Notes of black espresso, dry coconut and roasted almonds become apparent. Nuances of black pepper are certainly there, but linger in the background to give the smoke a slight kick.

Into the halfway point, the body has increased ever so slightly into a solid full flavored smoke. However, it is easy going and soft on the palate; the flavors are not aggressive at all, which is something I enjoy when I’m looking for a complex cigar. The wrapper is playing a big role at this point, offering up flavors of malted barley and molasses giving it a nice sweetness that wasn’t there in the beginning.

Finishing up on the Diamond Crown Maximus, I gotta say that the construction of this smoke is superb. I actually had a bit of trouble knocking the ash off, even though it was about three inches long at this point. The burn remained solid all the way through, never once needing a touch-up. The flavor has increased quite a bit, bringing back the peppery notes that were there at the start. It really opened up the complexities of this smoke, balancing everything out until the last draw.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t nubbed a cigar in a long time, but this one left me wishing I had gone for the Double Corona size. These are easily a box worthy purchase, as they offer quality and consistency throughout every production. They have a few other lines that are well worth it to check out as well, as this is a brand I know you’ll revisit often. The entire Diamond Crown line is something that is tough to come by, and are constantly sought after. Once you smoke one, you’ll see why.

Rating: 93
Price: $14.19 / $251.99 (Box of 20)




Diamond Crown Maximus

Diamond Crown Maximus

Diamond Crown Maximus Burn

Diamond Crown Maximus Burn

Diamond Crown Maximus Finish

Diamond Crown Maximus Finish


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