Dom Hombre Dominican Natural Toro Cigar Review

This weekend on The Cigar Authority we celebrated Dos Hombre Day marking 30 years of the brand. As a bit of a cigar geek, I’ve always looked at bundle cigars with a bit of disdain. However, when you smoke as many cigars are I do, upwards of 6 cigars a day you need to find an affordable smoke or you will wind up in the poor house. We featured the Dos Hombre Dominican Toro in the first hour of the show which is part of The Cigar Authority Care Package and as usual we feature a full on review of the cigar the day after the podcast.

Cigar Review: Dos Hombre Dominican Natural
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 50
Size: Toro

The Look: Dos Hombre cigars come packaged in bundles of 20 cigars. There is a sticker on the front side featuring the Two Guys logo with “Dos Hombre” inside of a smoke cloud above an image of the shops founders. The cigars feature a slightly oily wrapper with minimal veins and no soft spots with a well packed foot.

The Notes:  Once we clip the cap there is a brown sugar like sweetness and a hint of French toast. The foot of the cigar has a nice aroma of tobacco and more cedar components. Dave swears the cold draw tastes like birthday cake, so the taste of cigars is subjective. If you smoke one let us know who got it right Barry or Dave.

Smoking our way into the first third the cigar has nice creaminess to it with decent smoke production. As the cigar progresses notes of toffee and walnuts join the mix with some cedar on the finish. The retrohale is remarkably smooth  just a wisp of pepper present.

During the second third, I began to notice more notes of white pepper through the nose which balanced out the natural sweetness of the filler tobaccos. The cigar continues to be creamy with a subtle coffee component and continued walnuts and cedar.

Finishing up on the Dos Hombre Dominican Natural, the cigar takes on notes of wheat, cedar and cream. Some of the brown sugar that was on the cold draw begins to emerge in the background of the cigar. The white pepper remains on the retrohale creating a nice balance of flavor.

The Finish: When I first smoked a Dos Hombre cigar I didn’t really expect much. However, the perfect construction and draw is trumped by consistency. The cigar smokes better then some cigars that are double the price and for those of you so opposed to bundle cigars, I believe if I gave you one without the band you wouldn’t guess it to be from a bundle. Plus at $4.00 a cigar by the cigar, or $3.00 per by the bundle I don’t mind if one of my friends freeload one or two off me.

Rating: 91
Price: $3.99 / $59.99 (Bundles of 20)


Dos Hombre Dominican Natural Toro

Dos Hombre Dominican Natural Toro Foot

Dos Hombre Dominican Natural Toro Burn


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