Toscano Launches Toscanello Rosso Cafe Macchiato in USA

The beautiful town of Cava de’ Tirreni, located in the Southern region of Campania is home to the famous “half cut”, aromatic Toscano cigars known the Toscanello.  The Toscanello line has been seeing incredible growth in recent years, with the Toscanello Rosso Caffè (the cigar with Aromatic intensity of your favourite morning espresso and notes of almond) holding the number one spot in aromatic cigars, worldwide. The Toscanello line embodies everything indicative of authentic Italian taste. Behind this rapid growth, many cigar aficionados have found a reason to indulge in aromatic cigar smoking as it provides a softer, lighter and more pleasing taste.

Due to their size and characteristics, they are the ideal “coffee break” companion, the perfect smoke for those cold days, and are often appreciated by our female consumers as well. The Toscanello cigar pairs incredibly well with your favourite coffee and spirit. Their quality comes from the high-quality raw material (only Kentucky seed fire cured tobacco) and their unique production recipe. Simply put they are our “innovation within respect of tradition”: a philosophy that has always driven Manifatture Sigaro Toscano since day one.

After the large success of the aromatic Toscanello line in the American Market, Manifatture Sigaro Toscano has made the decision to launch a new product: Toscanello Rosso Caffè Macchiato.
Toscanello Rosso Caffè Macchiato provides a warm and comforting sensation of your morning coffee, mixed with Kentucky fired cured tobacco, with subtle hints of sweetness on the tip.
It’s a variant of the Toscanello Rosso Caffè with a Perfect mix of Italian Tobacco from Southern Italy allowing for a sweeter smoke combined with the power of American Kentucky fire cured tobacco.

The balanced character and the soft taste of the dark fire cured tobacco of median leaf position, enhances the aromatic notes of the coffee, enclosed with a Dark fire Cured tobacco wrapper of an intense hazelnut color. The particularity of Toscanello Rosso Macchiato is in the process of sweetening the cigar tip: a secret recipe for a unique product of its kind.

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