Dr. Marc Micozzi On the Effects of Iron

The medical world likes to warn you about the dangers of low iron. For decades, you’ve been scared into taking iron pills and eating iron-fortified foods. But all this extra iron is not only unnecessary, it’s downright dangerous. Excess iron is a risk factor for many types of cancer in both men and women. Plus, over the years, other studies tied excess iron to increased heart disease and infections. While you do need to take in some iron from foods, chances are very good that you do not need iron supplements or multivitamins with iron. It’s only necessary when you have been specifically diagnosed by your doctor as having iron-deficiency anemia. And even then, proceed with caution! Eat all the healthy foods you want that are naturally high in iron. You will never “overdose” on the minerals naturally present in foods. But avoid processed foods “enriched” with iron. Lastly, consider making a blood donation. That can truly become the gift of life and will help keep your iron at healthy levels besides!

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