Eiroa 4 x 48 Cigar Review

What do smoke on a snowy day in New Hampshire? The answer for me is simple as we light up the Eiroa 4 x 48. You may ask why the answer was simple and that’s because despite the weather the local sales rep Jimmy still decided to venture out and pay us a visit. For that reason alone this dedication deserves my support and it deserves your support too after all Jimmy knows cigars!

Cigar Review: Eiroa Classic
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Length: 4″
Ring: 48
Size: Petit Robusto

The Look: Packaged in 20 count wooden dress boxes, the Eiroa Classic features a cinnamon brown wrapper with a nice amount of oils present. The cigar is box pressed with a a flawless roll. The cigar band has a nice texture to it with a red background and gold text with black accents. In addition to the name of the brand Eiroa, it also states “Salud Amor Pesetas” which translates to “Health, Love and Money” which is Chritian’s motto for a successful life.  In the hand the cigar is firm with no soft spots and an average weight.

The Notes: Once the cigar is clipped the initial notes are an abundance of cedar and elements of sweetness and cinnamon. In fact the cold draw is cookie like especially once you take in the nose off the foot which enhances the cold draw the second time through.

Once we toast and light the Eiroa cigar, the first note continued with an abundance of cedar on the initial draw. As we moved deeper into the first third, the cigar served up some gingerbread notes and cinnamon both of which took over as the dominant notes of the cigar. Through the nose the cigar takes on some nuances of almonds and chocolate with a touch of spice.

As we enter the second half of the cigar with the ash still holding on firm, the cigar begins to transition as the notes experienced on the retrohale slide into that of your palate. The almond and chocolate notes mix together creating a candy bar like experience with a touch of cedar and and aroma that is so intoxicating it’s easy to get lost in the moment. On the retrohale everything experienced is enhanced with a touch of subtle pepper.

The last third of the Eiroa Classic sees the first two-thirds meld together becoming a cornucopia of flavors. While cedar is dominant on the palate and aroma there are some elements of almonds, gingerbread, cinnamon and chocolate. The cigar feels like a desert and its enjoyable. On the retrohale there is a mix of cedar and spice making this experience oh so nice.

Overall: When I lit up this cigar I didn’t expect the flavors to be some complex and enjoyable. In smoking this I began to think this was one of the most flavorful cigars I had ever smoked, and I wondered why I waited so long to pick one up again. Its been well over a year since I lit one up, and now I am scratching my head as to why. This is a must have cigar in my opinion,

Score: 93
Price: $10.29 / $181.99

Eiroa 4 x 48

Eiroa 4 x 48

Eiroa 4 x 48 Burn

Eiroa 4 x 48 Burn

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