Garofalo La Famiglia Connecticut

Garofalo La Famiglia Connecticut Epicure Cigar Review

The Garofalo La Famiglia Connecticut Epicure is a collaboration between New England retailer David Garofalo and Nick Perdomo, Jr., the president and CEO of Perdomo Cigars. This blend features a mild to medium-bodied smoke with a 5-year aged Ecuadorian Connecticut-shade wrapper and rich 5-year aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan fillers.

The Garofalo La Famiglia Connecticut showcases a golden brown Connecticut wrapper, minimal veins, tight seams, and a smooth, oily sheen. Its impeccable construction is evident at first glance.

The initial draw presents a complex array of flavors. You’ll notice hay and a touch of citrus, complemented by subtle light black pepper and black tea. A hint of chocolate-covered pretzel with a lingering vanilla sweetness balances the initially spicy profile, making for an intriguing start.

As you progress, the hay and initial flavors persist, with added notes of coffee and leather. The vanilla continues to provide a smooth undertone while new flavors of pie crust and lemon zest appear, accompanied by a touch of cedar. This transition enhances the complexity and depth of the cigar.

The final third maintains the consistency of the previous segment. The pepper subsides, allowing lemon zest and graham cracker notes to take center stage, along with more pronounced hay and barnyard flavors. This well-rounded finish is a testament to the cigar’s balanced and evolving profile.

The STARS say Garofalo La Famiglia Connecticut Epicure is an excellent cigar that starts mild and builds into a satisfying medium-bodied smoke with great flavor complexity. It’s a perfect choice for pairing with morning coffee or enjoying during a round of golf. While some of the STARS were surprised by the strength of this Connecticut-wrapped cigar smoking it blind, those familiar with Perdomo blends will appreciate the nuanced strength and rich flavors.

Overall Score: 89.70 out of 100

Strength Score:  4.70 out of 10

Garofalo La Famiglia ConnecticutThis blind cigar review (Cigar #12-B) was scored by a panel of cigar enthusiasts, including: Rev Eldon, Jeffery Knipe, Bill F., Jeff Endrizzi, Daniel, Nicholas Garlock, Ruby Cannoli, Chief16., Vincent C., Jay T, Jay Hagerman, and MI_Cigar_and_Drink

Price: $10.99 per single, $211.19 per box of 24

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