H New Law Issues Press Release FDA Grandfather For Ortega Cigars

Frank Herrera of H New Law has issued a press release announcing the Grandfather Status for Eddie Ortega.

April 24, 2017 (West Palm Beach, Fla.) – H New Media Law and Ortega Premium Cigars jointly announce that the FDA recently issued eight Determination of Grandfather Status letters for Ortega Premium Cigar’s brands REO (4 sizes) and VIBE (4 sizes). While 58 other non-premium cigars owned by other companies were determined earlier this year to be Grandfathered by the FDA, the Ortega VIBE and REO products are among the first premium cigars to be determined “Grandfathered.” The FDA’s public access page notes that a total of only 106 products have received this status to date.

The VIBE and REO Grandfather submissions were filed on September 2, 2016 and were officially determined to be Grandfathered by the FDA on April 4, 2017 for a total review period of 214 days.

H New Media Law has been tracking FDA Grandfather filings and determinations and notes that the FDA is averaging 129 days from submission to determination, with a shortest period of 73 days and the longest to date of 219 days. H New Media Law, a firm focusing its practice on trademark and FDA law for the cigar industry, filed the Grandfather Submissions for Ortega Premium Cigars, owned by Eduardo “Eddie” Ortega.

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