Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man Robusto Cigar Review

Hiram & Solomon is a brand of cigars with ties to Masonry. Freemasonry or Masonry consists of fraternal organizations who can trace their roots back to the local fraternities of the stonemasons which from the end of the fourteenth century regulated the qualifications of stonemasons and their interaction with authorities and clients. The owners of the brand Fouad Kashouty and George Dakrat through research noted that as far back as the mid-1800s records described the pre-meeting tradition of Brethren smoking cigars during and after gatherings. To this day, the practice of smoking cigars remains very much alive in many lodges. This custom is considered a time for Brethren to relax, exchange ideas, and enjoy the simplicity and fellowship that is the very essence of Brotherhood.

Today we review one of their lines, the Traveling Man.

Cigar Review: Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man
Wrapper: Sumatra Indonesia
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Arapiraca, Habano Jalapa, Habano Ometepe, Dominican Republic
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 52
Size: Toro

The Look: Packaged in cabinet style boxes, the lid is in two sections. The first section slides out and can be discarded if the cigars are to be displayed. The second section slides out as well and fits in a groove at the back of the box to display the cigars. Inside the box of the Traveling Man sits in four rows of five cigars. it features a purple band with the Masonic Symbol. Underneath is the letters 2B1 SK1 separated by a smaller Masonic Symbol, basically translating this code into, “To Be One, Ask One“. The Indonesian Sumatra wrapper is perfect with a nice amount of oils and the construction of the cigar is spot on.

The Notes: Once we clipped the cigar the cold draw serves up pre-light notes of cedar, brown sugar and apricot while the aroma off the foot of cigar focuses on brown sugar with a touch of cedar. After properly toasting the cigar some of the apricot from the cold draw develops, perhaps bordering on plums.

Moving into the first third the cigar has a definitive citrus taste to it. The apricot slides into the background as the cigar develops a tangerine that dominates the palate. As we move toward the end of the first third some cedar begins to develop while the retrohale of the cigar is floral.

In the second third the cedar intensifies as the sweetness begins to fade away. Around the halfway point some brown sugar begins to develop on the aroma of the Traveling Man with a touch of leather on the retrohale. As the second third comes to a close the cedar pulls back a bit as it is joined by some floral notes.

The final third sees some leather begin to develop with continued floral components. There is some cedar to round things out on this cigar that has a relatively short finish. The retrohale sees the addition of some subtle spices, but the cigar never goes beyond medium in strength.

The Finish: While the cigars are marketed towards members of the Masonic brotherhood, it’s a cigar that can be enjoyed by everyone. After all, the brotherhood of cigars trumps all. Medium in strength and flavor the cigar is an enjoyable mid afternoon treat.

Score: 90
Price: $10.19 / $179.99



Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man (Blue Glove Due To Pink Eye)

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man (Blue Gloves – Don’t Ask)

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