Parent Company of Nat Sherman Tells FDA To Not Exempt Premium Cigars

On June 25th, Altria Group the parent company of Nat Sherman submitted a letter to FDA on behalf of Nat Sherman and the other brands they own asking the FDA to not provide an exemption for premium cigars.

The company which posted a revenue of over 25 billion in 2017 has made it clear they are against the small Mom & Pop companies that make up the premium cigars industry.

If you listen to The Cigar Authority our own David Garofalo who has traveled to Washington DC to fight on behalf of the cigar industry has stated that when they leave the Halls of the Capitol, big tobacco swoops in to undo the work of family owned cigar companies.

A move on social media has called for a  boycott of Nat Sherman cigars as they do not exemplify the brotherhood of the leaf, nor do they speak for cigar smokers in America.

The 9 page letter can be read at:



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