IPCPR Releases Initial Statement On FDA Regulations

While a joint press release between Cigar Rights of America and IPCPR later today, the official Facebook page of the IPCPR offered an initial statement on the regulations released by the FDA this morning…

The statement reads as follows, “This morning, the Food and Drug Administration released its final determination deeming additional tobacco products, including premium cigars, subject to its authority under the Tobacco Control Act. IPCPR’s policy team is reviewing this complex determination (499 pages) and will provide a further update concerning its impact on retail tobacconists. The FDA’s regulation of premium cigars if left unchecked, would have a devastating impact on retailers and manufacturers alike. Consumers will have less choice. Youth access is simply not an issue in the premium cigar space where 35,000 Americans earn their living along with over 300,000 employees in the Caribbean Basin. Fortunately, the industry’s legislative strategy continues to be implemented, including language recently adopted by the Appropriations Agricultural Subcommittee disallowing any funding of FDA regulation of premium cigars. Bills HR662 and S441, exempting premium cigars and pipe tobacco, continue to gain co-sponsors as we pursue a legislative solution to unneeded and harmful government intrusion.

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