Kristoff JT Signature Toro Cigar Review

The JT Signature from Kristoff was originally supposed to be available at events featuring national sales manager Jarrid Trudeau. However, COVID-19 prevented that from happening as travel and capacity restrictions forced the cancelation of many events around the world. Now this signature cigar is available at select Kristoff accounts and we review this stick that is available in just one size, a 6.25 x 54 Toro.

Cigar Review: Kristoff JT Signature
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Havana Vuelta Abajo
Binder: Sumatra
Filler: Mexico & Dominican Republic
Length: 6.25″
Ring Gauge: 54
Size: Toro

The Look: Packaged in a blue box with yellow lettering and the Jarrid Trudeau signature the packaging misses the mark looking very much the same as every other box in the Kristoff line with the exception of coloring. Inside the box, the gray and gold band with blue and red foot band doesn’t do enough to pull your attention. As far as the cigar that features a closed foot and pigtail cap the HVA wrapper has a brindle effect to it with a nice amount of oils. In the hand this box pressed cigar is firm to the touch with no voids of tobacco and a nice weight to it.

The Notes: The cold draw offers up notes of cedar, subtle pepper and a hint of fig while the aroma from the wrapper adds a touch of peanuts and cedar. Due to the closed foot we don’t toast the cigar opting to draw in what the wrapper has to offer which in this case is nuttiness.

As we move into the first third its quite evident that is very different than anything created by Kristoff to date. The mouthfeel of the smoke, the balance and tobacco feel different. There is a subtle earth component with hints of graham cracker, cocoa and a subtle creaminess. The retrohale has an abundance of pepper that lingers for quite sometime with a touch of birch.

As we slide into the second third the cigar developed a toast like quality and if your a fan of almost burnt toast this is right in your wheelhouse as it is mine. When I was eating bread pre-keto diet I would toast bread on the 7-8 setting more often then not and this is hitting that flavor profile. There is some growing cocoa components as well with a hint of peanuts.The retrohale still serves up some pepper though its not as potent as the first third and there is a touch of cinnamon on the finish of the retrohale and some earth on the palate.

Moving into the last third notes of earth become dominant with continued cream and cedar in the background along with a hint of burnt toast on the finish. The creamy component lingers ever so slightly as the smoke is released. There is also a touch of red pepper which is even more noticeable on the retrohale with a continued cinnamon.

The Finish: I really wish Kristoff stepped up the presentation on this cigar because I feel it might get lost on the shelf. It’s a very good cigar that is considerably different for Kristoff. The whole cigar just has a different feel to it from the way it smoked, the flavor profile and the box pressed nature of the smoke. If it was in a box that stood out and the band was a little more vibrant it would it appeal to those who may overlook Kristoff. It’s definitely worth trying as it won’t disappoint.

Score: 92
Price: $9.69 / $171.99



Kristoff JT Signature Toro

Kristoff JT Signature Toro Foot

Kristoff JT Signature Toro Burn

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