Kristoff Nicaragua Robusto

Kristoff Nicaragua Robusto Cigar Review

Released in 2023, the Kristoff Nicaragua Robusto is a Nicaragua Puro, crafted entirely from Nicaraguan tobaccos sourced from the Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa regions. 

The Kristoff Nicaragua Robusto presents a rustic charm with its toothy, leather-like wrapper. The light brown color, accompanied by a nice oily shine, gives it an inviting appearance. It is firmly packed, with visible veins adding to its rugged aesthetic. Some STARS noticed the cap application is a bit uneven, but this does not detract from the overall enjoyment.

Upon lighting, the cigar greets you with a predominant flavor of cinnamon, setting a warm and spicy tone. Cedar wood notes complement the initial spice, alongside a slight earthiness that grounds the profile. Bread notes also make an early appearance, adding depth and a touch of saltiness that enhances the overall complexity.

As you progress into the second third, the flavors evolve. Hay and white pepper become more prominent, bringing a fresh and mildly spicy character. The nuttiness of pecans and cashews adds a delightful richness, while the earthiness continues to provide a solid foundation. The cedar notes are more pronounced than in the first third, and the bread notes become more profound, reminiscent of raisin bread with a subtle sweetness.

The final third of the Kristoff Nicaragua Robusto offers a continuation of the earthy sweetness, similar to granola. The intensity of white pepper and salt increases, providing a bold finish. The cedar flavor fades, allowing the bread notes to shine, now resembling a salted pretzel with a touch of citrus adding a refreshing twist.

The Kristoff Nicaragua Robusto is a good medium-strength cigar that impresses with its smooth draw and enjoyable flavor transitions. Despite its rustic look, the cigar performs exceptionally well, delivering a satisfying smoking experience. This cigar is definitely worth trying, especially for those who appreciate nuanced flavor profiles in medium bodied cigars.

Overall Score: 89.60 out of 100

Overall Strength Score: 4.33 out of 10

Kristoff Nicaragua RobustoThis blind review (Cigar #10-D) was conducted by the Cigar Review Team comprising SamF , Tyler Ceola, James Elliott (Star Boner), Rick Galletta, JB Smith, Rob Brown, and George Hillman.

Price: $10.19 per single, $179.99 per box of 20

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