La Aurora 1987 Connecticut Toro Cigar Review

The La Aurora 1987 Connecticut is part of the time capsule series from the first cigar factory of the Dominican Republic. The cigar joins the 1903 Cameroon and 1962 Corojo and each year represents when La Aurora first used the wrapper in their storied history. The cigars come in four sizes in 20 count boxes Robusto (5 x 50), Churchill (7 x 50), Gran Toro (6 x 58) and today’s review Toro (5 1/2 x 54).

Cigar: La Aurora 1903 Cameroon
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Dominican Republic
 Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Length: 5.5″
Ring Gauge: 
Size: Toro

The Look: The packaging and bands of the cigar are as old school as they come. Featuring a flip-top, wrapped box of 20 cigars that are laid out in 4 rows of five. The primary band has the La Aurora logo of a lion, which represents the history of the factory and the Leon family ownership. A secondary band denotes the wrapper, in this case Connecticut. The golden Connecticut wrapper is expertly applied by the artisans at La Aurora and the cigar is firm to the touch with a well packed foot.

The Notes: The cold draw of the La Aurora 1987 Connecticut serves up notes of rye, wheat and earth, while the foot of the cigar serves up the same but in reverse with earth being dominant followed by rye and wheat. Once the cigar the first note is wheat as we settle in to smoke this Toro from the first factory of the Dominican Republic.

As we smoke the first third the cigar develops a well-defined nuttiness, with hints of hay and wheat. The finish of the cigar at this point is smooth and creamy and the retrohale offers a subtle butterscotch with a hint of pepper.

In the second third, the notes become a little earthier and the notes of wheat being to increase. This is a subtle licorice that appears from time to time and the finish of the cigar reminds me of oatmeal which is enjoyable. The retrohale has a lot going on that really increases the complexity of the cigar with apricots and cinnamon and a black coffee finish that has a moderate length to it.

The last third of the Connecticut continues to be incredibly smooth with subtle notes of butterscotch, licorice, nuts and what. There’s a lot going on in this cigar that sees it intensified with the retrohale of the cigar. The finish is lengthy for a Connecticut albeit enjoyable.

The Finish: The La Aurora 1987 Connecticut might not have all the fanfare of some cigars on the market today. There’s no social media buzz behind it, no big personality on Facebook to create a buzz, and because of this people might overlook it. What the cigar brings to the table is an enjoyable profile with some complexity and a price that is wallet friendly. It’s a cigar that showcases the prowess of La Aurora and is definitely a cigar that I enjoy smoking on the back deck in the morning.

Score: 91
Price: $6.19 / $107.99

La Aurora 1987 Connecticut

La Aurora 1987 Connecticut

La Aurora 1987 Connecticut Burn

La Aurora 1987 Connecticut Burn

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