La Gianna Havana Maduro Toro – Cigar Review

La Gianna Havana was originally only available in a Connecticut shade wrapper. Years later David Garofalo released that same blend, of which is named after his daughter Gianna, only this time using a maduro wrapper. This is a great example of how a wrapper can change the overall taste of a blend, and here’s why. This is the La Gianna Havana Maduro.

What am I smoking?

Cigar Review: La Gianna Maduro Robusto
Country of Origin: Honduras
Distributed By: United Cigar
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Length: 6 Inches
Ring Gauge: 54
Vitola: Toro

Packaging & Design
All sizes of La Gianna Havana arrive in boxes of 20 cigars, each individually wrapped in cellophane. On the top side of the box, there are images of cherub angels flying around a portrait of another angel with her wings wrapped around her shoulders. The maduro and natural versions are both distinguished by either having a red (natural) or black (maduro) box. They have a simple and clean look to them.

First Impressions
The La Gianna Havana Maduro has a soft looking, dark chocolate colored wrapper. There is some noticeable oil present, giving the cigar a nice sheen in the light. Seams and veins are hardly present on this well constructed cigar. Upon smelling the foot, I pickup notes of aged tobacco and a chocolatey sweetness.

After cutting, pre-light flavors include more chocolate with hints of espresso and earth. I actually held this one in my mouth for a while before lighting up because the tobaccos tasted so good.

The Smoke
Right after sparking up the La Gianna Havana maduro, I was impressed with the amount of smoke this cigar produced. Huge flavors of raisins and chocolate sat softly on my palate, leaving a slightly oily mouthfeel in its wake. The finish at this point has floral notes as well, which are making for an interesting smoke so far.

Getting into the second third, the strength starts to pick up a slight bit more than the beginning. I also noticed that this cigar is burning straight as an arrow, and still offering a great and easy going draw. The raisin notes I was getting in the first third are still there, but have become more prevalent. The natural sweetness of this tobacco is impressive.

Finishing up on the La Gianna Havana maduro, notes of pepper and earth begin to take over the smoke. However, those flavors are balanced out well due to the ever prevailing notes of raisins. It reminds me of when I would go to my grandparents house when I was little, and my grandmother would give me a box of raisins as a treat after I helped her clean up the house. Brought me right back to my childhood days of having no cares in the world. And that’s how I felt after putting this cigar down.

Final Thoughts
I don’t typically go for Honduran cigars, however, this cigar here was incredibly well balanced and offered up some great flavors. The construction is another thing I’d like to highlight, because I didn’t need to give this cigar any attention during the experience. I see a box or two of these in my future.

Rating: 91
Price: $6.59 / $129.99 (Box of 20)

La Gianna Havana Maduro burn.

La Gianna Havana Maduro burn.

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