Law | Cambridge, MA Raises Tobacco Age To 21

Without much fanfare the Cambridge City Council last week passed new amendments to the Cambridge Tobacco Ordinance including an increase in the purchase age to 21. The also banned smoking in public parks.

The new ordinance which goes into effect on June 1st is a modified version of the one that passed in 2003 and is a toned down version on which the Public Health Department sought a citywide ban on open spaces and parks.

The Council passed Option 8 which prohibits people from smoking in fenced-in tot lots, parks smaller than 15,000 square feet and public open spaces and parks during city-permitted events.

Also in the amendments is the ban of NDP and tobacco in all pharmacies, vending machines, commercial RYO machines and blunt wraps.

It doesn’t stop there however as flavored tobacco is no banned in the city with the exception of smoke shops or tobacconists.

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to 105,000 residents over 7.13 square miles and was founded in 1630

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