Law | Canada Trying to Ban Flavored Tobacco – Take Deux!

Oh Canada, can’t you just leave tobacco alone.

In 2009 the federal government banned tiny flavored cigarillos because they deemed them to be marketed to children, eh.

On Friday, Health Canada gave regulatory notice that it plans to put a stop to the way manufacturers have circumvented the ban. The law originally banned flavored tobacco on cigarillos that weighted less than 1.4 grams. Now, they are pushing for the ban to be on cigars heavier than 1.4 grams.

There are some exceptions as menthol will be allowed along with “adult” flavors such as port, wine, rum or whiskey.

Before these changes become law they still need to pass a regulatory process as well as a 30 day period for public comments.

Canada is home to over 35 million residents over 10 million square miles and was founded in 1867.


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