Law | Chickasha, OK Bans Smoking On City Property

According to a published report, the Chickasha City Council on Monday January 6th, 2015 voted to restrict all tobacco from use on city property.

The council voted unanimously 8-0 to ban the use in parks, buildings and recreation ares. According to Council Member, John Toland, “I think this is a good ordinance, but might be tough to enforce, It’s good for the health of our community.

Meanwhile, at the same meeting the City voted to treat the city’s water with ┬áchloramine, which has been known to cause respiratory ailments and it has also been known to cause mononuclear cancer in rats.

But yes, banning tobacco is “good for the health of the community.”

Chickasha, OK is home to 16,000 residents over 18.1 square miles and was founded in 1892.

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