Law | Fort Collins, CO Contemplates Full Smoking Ban

Colorado which legalized recreational marijuana in 2014 might become home to a city that has a full smoking ban. In 2015 the city of Fort Collins will be voting on an ordinance that could completely ban the use of tobacco in public.

Currently it is illegal to smoke in the city in the places we have come to expect. This includes restaurants, bars, hotels and indoor businesses. It is about to go a step further into our personal freedoms. The new measure if passed will include parks, nature trails, public events, all city owned property and the downtown area. Thus making the only legal place enjoy a fine cigar  your own home or a tobacco shop.

The city is set to vote on the added bans on February 5, 2015.

Fort Collins is home to 152,000 residents over 47.1 square miles and was founded in 1864.

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