News | New Orleans Meeting On Tobacco Ban Set

With IPCPR taking place later this year in New Orleans we will continue to keep an eye and the proposed smoking ban for the city. We reported last week that the measure passed its initial hearing with a 3-2 vote after being introduced in November.

The meeting which has been scheduled by the author of the proposal LaToya Cantrell will take place in a town hall meeting on Wednesday January 14th at 5pm in the council chamber.

According to Cantrell, “We want to further the dialogue on the ordinance. This evening meeting will allow for the Council to gain additional input from those who were unable to attend the previous community hearing.”

This meeting is a follow-up to a three-hour session on January 7th which ended in protest after the City Council wrapped up the discussion before everyone got a chance to speak. Despite the protest the measure passed the Committee and is scheduled to go before the full council on a yet to be determined date.

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