Law | Lewes, DE Expands Smoking Ban *UPDATE*

Tonight, September 8th, 2014 the City Council of Lewes, DE meets to discuss an expansion of the existing smoking ban to include Public Beaches.

A few years ago Lewes implemented a no-smoking policy in its parks but chose not to enact a beach ban at that time.

Recently Rehoboth Beach banned smoking on its beach and boardwalks along with Bethany Beach as well as coastal Delaware State Parks have enacted bans.

Lewes is home to 2,700 residents over 2.7 square miles.

UPDATE 10/22: After withdrawing the scheduled public hearing the Mayor and City Council will now introduce regulations banning smoking on all public beaches.

The new public hearing will take place on November 24, at 7pm in city hall.

If the smoking ban is passed, Lewes would join nearly all Delaware beaches in prohibiting smoking on the beach.

The ban also includes verbiage that would extend the ban to public restrooms, comfort stations and public structures.

The city received a $10,214 grand from the American Lung Association to help with the implementation of the smoking ban.

UPDATE 12/10:  The Lewes City Council voted Monday night to ban smoking on all beaches.



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