Cigar Review | Ratzilla (2014 Edition)

One of the most sought after cigars right now is the Ratzilla. It’s holiday release seems to have surpassed that of the Opus X and Anejo at least around the cigar geek community. Part of the Unico Serie, the Liga Privada Ratzilla by Drew Estate from Swisher Sweets comes in 12 count bundles.

The first Ratzilla was released in 2012 with 400 bundles put in distribution and there is no word on the size of this years release.

Cigar: Liga Privada
Size: Ratzilla (6.25 x 46)
Wrapper: Connecticut Habano (Stalk Cut)
Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras
Strength: Full
Source: Gifted

The Look:  The Ratzilla is basically a longer version of the Dirty Rat and this holiday release features a Habano wrapper that feels gritty under the fingers. There is a brindle like appearance and a fine network of veins visible on a seamless roll. The cigar has a fantail cap and is fairly light in the hand with no soft spots and a well packed foot.

The Notes: The foot of the cigar has a hearty cedar note present with some minimal spices to the nose while the cold draw of the Ratzilla has similar notes of wood with a hint of nuts. Once the cigar is lit there are some nice spices through the nose and some coffee notes present right off the top.

Smoking deeper into the first third of the Ratzilla, the notes of Espresso really begin to shine with elements of earth and spice thrown in. At time the spice tried to battle its way to the forefront, but the Espresso holds strong.

In the second third of the cigar the flavors seem to turn down things a notch. The spice is muted and the coffee, earth and nuts are toned down as the cigar begins to feel like it is entering a transitional phase just before the middle of the stick. As we breach the second half of the cigar a floral note begins to develop especially on the aroma.

In the last third the strength of the smoke is really noticeable at this point, and the cigar continues down the road of dark espresso notes but there are also hints of fine dark chocolate and some continued floral on the aroma of the smoke. The finish of the cigar is leathery and it lingers just a little bit.

The Burn: The Liga Privada Serie Unico Ratzilla is an exquisite constructed cigar with a great burn that is razor-sharp. It remains lit from first light to last puff and it produces a massive amount of smoke. Let’s face it, the abundance of smoke isn’t natural but it adds to the visual romanticism of the cigar. The ash is fairly weak and drops off in half-inch increments.

The Finish: Liga Privada is a cigar that isn’t the same cigar as when it was first released. The crops have changed and maybe the blend has as well. However, the Ratzilla touches on the greatness that was once associated with the cigar. An exceptional full body smoke with a delicious profile that satisfy the need for a full-bodied smoke. The drawback however is the rarity, something so good deserves to be readily available on the market today.

Score: 92
Price: $14.00




Ratzilla Foot

Ratzilla Foot

Ratzilla Burn

Ratzilla Burn

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