Law | Massachusetts LookIng To Raise Tobacco Tax & More

There are a few measures in Massachusetts that puts tobacco under fire from the state with variety of bills currently in the Senate.

  • Senate Bill 1119 is looking to include e-cigarettes in the definition of tobacco products and use of electronic cigarettes in the definition of smoking.
  • Senate Bill 1194 directs the Department of Public Health to promulgate regulations for restricting the marketing and labeling of other tobacco products.
  • Senate Bill 1453 increases the tax on cigars an additional 80% of wholesale, the tax on smoking tobacco an additional 90% of wholesale, and the tax on smokeless tobacco an additional 20%.
  • Senate Bill 747 increases the purchase age to 21.

It is important for those in Massachusetts to contact there representatives in a productive manner and let them know that you are against these proposals.

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