Law | Montgomery, AL Puts Smoking Ban Vote On Hold

At the regular scheduled meeting of the Montgomery City Council on Tuesday the proposed smoking ordinance will be sent back to committee for further review.

According to District 5 Councilman and ordnance sponsor, C.C. Calhoun the votes to pass it do not exist, so he is asking for the measure to put back to committee.

As the proposal stands it looks to ban smoking in public city buildings, bars, nightclubs, and parking areas. It also additionally calls for a ban within 20 feet of business entrances, outdoor events and public transportation stations.

According to Calhoun the committee will consider grandfathering in establishments and cigar bars that already allow smoking.

It is expected the ordinance will stay in committee between 30 and 60 days before it heads back to council.

Montgomery, Alabama is home to 201,000 residents over 156.19 square miles and was founded in 1819.

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