Law | Nebraska Inches Closer To Cigar Shop Smoking *UPDATE*

Bill LB118 inched closer to becoming a law as the bill advanced on Wednesday. The bill would update the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act to allow smoking in cigar and tobacco shop. In the first round of debates, initial support was received.

The bill which would modify the intent language of the original law, is in response to a Nebraska Supreme Court ruling that made the exemption unconstitutional.

According to Senator Colby Coash of Lincoln, “The court went off the rails a little bit. We are in the business of making exemptions” He pointed to the state’s tax code, which includes dozens of items and services for which sales taxes are not assessed.

The bill needs to be debated and passed two more times before landing on the Governors desk.

UPDATE 2/12/15: The bill passed another hurdle today as it passed the first round of debates and the initial vote. It still needs to pass one more time before heading to the Governors desk for him to sign.

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