Law | Salem, MA Housing Authority Bans Smoking

After 18 years of heated debate, the city of Salem, Massachusetts has smoking ban in the Housing Authority apartments.

The Housing Authority Board voted unanimously on Wednesday to institute a ban on smoking in the more than 600 apartments they oversee.

In 2010 the board said it was a basic right for residents to smoke in their own apartments. 5 Years later, something must have changed in the basic rights of smokers to enjoy a product that is legal in the privacy of their own residences.

However, the ban doesn’t affect everyone in the Housing Authority. About 1,400 units of Section 8 housing won’t be subject to the new law, bringing into question how something could be illegal for some, and not for others.

Salem, Massachusetts is home to 41,000 residents over 18.1 square miles and was founded in 1629.

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