Law | Teaneck, NJ Raises Smoking Age To 21

This week the township of Teaneck became the latest to join a growing movement across the country. On Wednesday, November 12th, 2015 Teaneck, NJ became the third township in the stage to raise the age to purchase tobacco from 19 to 21.

Passage of the measure was non unanimous as the Deputy Mayor voted against it citing that such a move will further hurt the town’s ailing business districts.

Mayor Lizette Park said the ban was need out of a responsibility to promote a healthy lifestyle. In other words, to take away the freedoms of its citizens.

In 2006 the state raised the age limit from 18 to 19. There is currently a new bill pending in the state Assembly that would raise to age to 21 statewide.

Special interest group, New Jersey Gasoline Convenience Automotive Association director Sal Risalvato said, “The new law is a feel good, do nothing silly legislation, they didn’t have the guts to make it illegal to buy tobacco.”

Teaneck, NJ is home to 40,000 residents over 6.2 square miles and was founded in 1895

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